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Digiflavor Aura RDA Review

Digiflavor Aura RDA Review

Digiflavor Aura RDA First Impression I was very fortunate to receive the Digiflavor Aura RDA to write about. I say very fortunate I would have brought this straight off without a second thought. Most recently I have really been getting into flavours more than chucking large clouds and […]

VooPoo RimFire RTA Review

VooPoo RimFire RTA Review

VooPoo RimFire RTA is a great rebuildable tank atomizer with ample juice capacity and simple building experience suitable for beginners and long time vapers alike.   VOOPOO RimFire RTA is a large addition to the rebuildable tank segment, featuring a flat dual-coil postless build deck, […]

Augvape Templar RDA Review – A Saint Or Sinner Among Drippers?

Augvape Templar RDA Review – A Saint Or Sinner Among Drippers?

templar rda

A Tiny Little RDA With A Choice Of Top Caps and Single Or Dual Coil Options – So How Does It Vape and Squonk?

The Augvape Templar RDA is a tiny 22mm dripper with a very special build deck.

The designers have utilized the popular dual velocity clamp style and made it their own by using a single screw.

As to if they’ve pulled this off we’ll see later.

The Templar RDA can used in both single and dual coil mode – has adjustable dual airflow and a squonk pin is included as is a frosted battle cap.

Augvape have brought out some excellent tanks and drippers notably the Druga which I enjoyed – the Merlin RDTA and the Merlin Mini as well as the mod I had a joy to review the sexy V200.

So a good pedigree let’s hope the much anticipated Templar RDA can live up to that stable of stars.

This was sent to me direct from Augvape – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Incidentally I have no info as to when this will be released – it’s not showing up on their website yet – but we’ll certainly let you know.

So is the Templar a vaping saint or a sinner?

Inside the Box

The usual tube packaging from Augvape which functions perfectly and looks stylish.

templar rda tube

Inside you’ll find:

  • X1 Augvape Templar RDA
  • X1 frosted top cap
  • Bag of spares including:
  • Squonk pin
  • Ultem single coil divider
  • 510 adapter and O rings

templar contents

Augvape Templar RDA Specs

  • 22mm wide
  • 26mm high
  • 810 compatible drip tip
  • Dual airflow with single coil option

Key Features

Despite its 3 tiered design – think wedding cake – this is a very low profile RDA both in height and width coming out and just a tad over 22mm in diameter.

It can operate in both single and dual coil and you get a very handy ULTEM [I think] deck separator that fits in snugly held by an o ring – so it isn’t going anywhere.

templar rda

The airflow control ring is multi stepped meaning you can fine tune the x2 sets of 6 air flow holes – which look like morse code as in ‘dot dash dot’ – to your personal sweet spot and these are mirrored both sides.

The Templar Deck

For me this is where the magic happens – this deck is not only good to look at – it’s a joy to build on.

What we have is a play on the velocity style clamp deck and the Templar design means only one screw is used to tighten and loosen.

Even as a fingers and thumbs kind of builder I found this a doddle to build on and very quick too but more on that later.

templar components

Included in the box is a frosted top cap that looks to all intents and purposes like a bullet and is made from some kind of heat resistant plastic – information on this RDA is limited so bear with me!

This particular top cap has none adjustable airflow and I’m assuming its one of those battle caps with a wide bore – more on how that performs soon.

Focus On For More Vape Tank.

Design and Build Quality

Hey this is Augvape so expect very good machining with everything coming apart quite beautifully.

The AFC ring has just enough resistance even after nearly two weeks of use to remain pleasingly stiff meaning it’s not gonna move once you’ve set it.

The deck is put together beautifully and that single heat treated screw takes both crosshead and flat screwdrivers.

templar coiled and wicked

The clamp action is silky smooth too and the post holes despite this being a small RDAcan take some big old coils no bother.

As I said design wise think wedding cake given it’s 3 tiered styling which really does lift the look of this RDA.

I received the black version and the Templar logo is etched nicely on the barrel and the name also etched on the top cap but set inside a cut-out which not only looks good but acts as a bit of grip.

The frosted top cap adds another look to the RDA but looks wise kind of detracts a little from what is out of the box an extremely good looking dripper.

How Does the Augvape Templar RDA Perform?

OK the Augvape Templar RDA is well built and machined and looks bloody gorgeous – but all that is a waste of time if it doesn’t vape as well as it looks!

First up the build experience.

One word – awesome!

One screw to rule them all” – to bastardize Tolkien lol.

This single screw velocity clamp style is so easy to build on that even this old fool got it spot on first time!

There’s plenty of room to work and that clamp action really is a delight – silky smooth but with enough torque to tighten those legs down.

But be careful when unscrewing – I did unscrew it completely once but it really is simple to screw back together – no harm done lol.

Wicking is easy too – after all this is an RDA – and despite the deck size and shallowishjuice well – there’s plenty of room for your cotton.

Vaping On the Augvape Templar RDA

First up let’s see how it vapes with the regular top cap in dual coil.

I popped in a simple pair of claptons reading bang on 0.20ohms and wicked with Fuzz setting my wattage at a conservative 77.7w and airflow wide open.

Given this is such a low profile RDA [coils being closer to the drip tip] I was expecting decent flavour and I wasn’t let down.

In fact my expectations were matched and then some – the flavour off the Templar RDA is nothing short of stunning – definitely one for the flavour chasers!

templar rda on mod

I bumped it up in varying degrees until at around 97.5w everything started to get warmer – down to the build I think and not the RDA not dissipating the heat.

The clouds were pretty good too and obviously became denser the less airflow I had open.

Speaking of the airflow at first glance seeing the tiny holes you might think this had a tight draw – far from it.

Wide open this is very much to my airy vaping taste and with barely a dash or dot of the airflow showing the draw is extremely tight – more on that in a moment!

Frosted Battle Cap

It’s probably not called a ‘battle cap’ but hey for want of a better description!

OK using the same build as above I found with this cap the Templar could take a bit more wattage most definitely.

There’s a lot more airflow on this one and even though it’s actually smaller the wide open chuff cap style suggests its bigger.

temple frosted cap

The vape is extremely airy – but not in a wishy washy way with the flavour dimming slightly – not enough to worry about – but man those clouds.

After a few pulls I thought about starting to wear a snap back cap such was the fog appearing in my flat!

Templar RDA Single Coil Mode

I used one of the Clapton’s from the original pair at 0.4ohms and gently introduced the Templar at 53.5w.

I needn’t have bothered being gentle it was literally begging for more power!

On the single coil I found the sweet spot at 67.7w with a good flavour and decent single coil clouds.

templer single coil
single coil seperator

The flavour was nowhere near as good as in dual coil – but very passable indeed especially picking up the sweeter notes in the sharp lemon based e-liquid I was using.

Popping on the battle cap in single coil mode did – as I expected it to – wash the flavour away.

Quite a bit actually – all that air blowing it away I’m guessing given the clouds were on point.

So battle cap in dual coil only I reckon.

Templar RDA As An MTL?


I’m on record as often saying I like my MTL vapes to be airy but many others prefer that proper tight cig-a-like experience.

In single coil mode and with the airflow closed as tight as possible without shutting it off you get an extremely tight vape – definitely tight enough for the purist MTL vapers.

Ooo get me using the word definitely lol.

For me 2/3rds shut gave me my almost perfect style of mouth to lung.

I use the Vandy Vape Berserker wide open and it’s perfect for my style.

First and foremost this is a Direct To Lung RDA – but experiment and you too might find your sweet spot

Templar RDA In Squonk Mode

My go to BF RDA is the Dead Rabbit SQ and the Templar whilst not beating it certainly keeps up flavour wise.

The squonk action is good if a little slow given the size of the hole in the pin – but that really is nit picking as any wider and I’m not sure the shallow deck could cope!

Templar RDA - decent squonker
Templar RDA – a decent squonker

Given this is side air flow it certainly suits squonking and despite trying I haven’t had any leakage from the air flow ports.


  • Full of flavour
  • Great clouds
  • Single and dual coil
  • Low profile
  • Elegant design
  • 22mm
  • Superb deck
  • Excellent air flow control
  • Battle cap included
  • Good squonker with included pin!
  • Single coil divider


  • Top cap tight to get over double o rings even lubed
  • 510 pin barely protrudes

Final Review Verdict

Not only does the Augvape Templar RDA look as pretty as a picture it vapes like a dream.

The flavour is excellent and even in single coil mode the clouds are very good indeed for its size.

I love love love the deck – that single screw clamp makes building a doddle.

All the 810’s I’ve tried fit snugly and the addition of the battle cap means you can add another dimension to your vape experience.

Personally I won’t be using this regularly as a squonker – don’t get me wrong it works very well indeed – I just think this is more a dainty paint your coils kind of dripper.

You can of course drip down the top cap – more so in battle cap mode – but I just think like the design this one deserves a little bit of finesse

Would I replace this one if lost or damaged?

Absolutely this is most definitely the Saint of the Drippers.

Now It’s Available :

Augvape Templar RDA

Hot Sale Recommendation:

Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA

Voopoo Vmate TC 200W Box Mod

Voopoo Vmate 200W Kit With Uforce T1 Tank

Vaporesso Luxe Kit

Vaporesso Luxe Mod

smok novo

dovpo topside

voopoo vfl

voopoo vfl pod

joyetech ultex

smoant naboo

Hellvape ReBirth RDA

Tesla WYE 85W Preview – Cuter Than It’s Brother!

Tesla WYE 85W Preview – Cuter Than It’s Brother!

The WYE 85W by Tesla Previewed The Tesla WYE 85W is the cute little brother of the Tesla WYE 200W. The 85W version has the same styling but minus the paint splashes. However some retailers are advertising an extra battery cover is included in the […]

SMOK Skyhook RDTA Box Review

SMOK Skyhook RDTA Box Review

What do you get if you combine the popular SMOK Alien mod and the new Skyhook RDTA? That would be the SMOK Skyhook RDTA Box, a new all-in-one device that features a maximum power output of 220W, a rebuildable atomizer and a built-in e-liquid reservoir with […]

Creed RTA – geek-shaped atomizer from GeekVape

Creed RTA – geek-shaped atomizer from GeekVape


But let’s consider our hero – Creed PTA in more detail. The atom has a top dressing, replaceable skirts for blowing and the ability to increase the volume from 4.5 ml to 6.5 ml.


A rich set that includes an atomizer with pre-installed Bubble-Glass, regular 4.5 ml glass (straight), white matte drip-type, 510 drip-type with o-rings, 2 interchangeable skirts holes, a package with o-rings, a “T” type screwdriver, spare screws.


Information for information

Creed RTA is made of stainless steel and is available in 6 colors: SS, Gunmetal, Gold, Rainbow, Blue, Black; by changing skirts.



Height with drip-type: 50 mm 
Diameter with Bubble-Glass: 30 mm 
Diameter at fit: 25 mm


This is a large tank in height. Its height is equal to the height of a matchbox. From here and the code name – garnet-like tank.

The era of TFV12 is not over. Among the bathers, there are those who love big devices, so the hero of the review will suit them.


On the top cover 810 drip-type from heat-resistant Ultem is planted. Drip-tip without o-rings, of good quality, there are roundings so that condensate does not collect at the top.

You can also put a white matte drip-type, which also has an 810 landing, but it is thin and does not respectfully look on such a huge tank.


You can easily put your 810 up.

The top cover has a rum-like knurling for a convenient coupling when unscrewing. The lid is quite thin, so while dry o-rings, it twists with some effort.


Under the lid two openings for refueling zhizkoy.

Next, counterclockwise, you can twist the top cover, which is connected to the dome.

On the dome, in the inner part, there is a small cut for better transfer of taste.

The name RTA is also available on the dome.


On the basis of pre-installed skirt with holes in the form of an oval. Such a skirt, according to the manufacturer, allows blowing spirals directionally, i.e. the air will be through the holes directly to the spiral.


There are also 2 more skirts, one of which is with round holes, and the other with deaf ones.


On the basis of conventional racks with a counter installation of the spiral. Screws clamp legs spirals from above. Below 4 pipes for blowing. There are also pockets where cotton will be tucked.

On the side of the ring, which overlaps or opens the airflow. There is a stopper in maximum positions.

At the very bottom there is a well-protruding pin, which will allow this tank to be used in conjunction with a mechanical mod.

Installing the spiral and laying fleece

Counter installation of the coils should not be difficult to install.

It is important to initially measure the desired length of the spiral, first measure the legs on one, put in a rack and if everything is ok, then measure to the second the desired length.


After the length of the legs is measured, we tighten the screws and subsequently displace the fuses towards each other. This is done in order to avoid a short circuit across the dome. Shift the fyuza as much as possible to each other. The diameter of the winding should not exceed 3 mm.


Next, we burn our spirals so that the warm-up is evenly distributed from the center to the edges.

After burning, it’s time to measure the batting around the ring on the base. Vata can be cut under a kerchief so that it is not too much. In the grooves the tips of the tip are simply refilled, not rammed.


It is worth prokapat fleece, apply voltage, so that the liquid went inside the cotton wool and soaked it well.

We collect the tank, refuel it and it’s time to talk about Creed RTA.

Overall impression

As you already guessed, the tank trick is different skirts that change the airflow, so let’s talk about the taste on these skirts.

The oval holes taste great.

At 16 holes, the puff became looser on the fully open blower, but the taste didn’t change much.


On the skirt without holes, the most taste.

Cons and pros


– it is not very convenient to twist the top cover;


-quality performance of the atomizer, done without a hitch,

– the ability to increase the volume from 4.5 ml to 6.5 ml,

– interesting idea of ​​skirts, thanks to which the airflow changes,

-the ability to unscrew the upper part of the atom and change the spiral or fix the cotton fleece without draining the liquid

Now It’s Available :

Geekvape Creed RTA

Hot Sale Recommendation:

Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA

Voopoo Vmate TC 200W Box Mod

Voopoo Vmate 200W Kit With Uforce T1 Tank

Vaporesso Luxe Kit

Vaporesso Luxe Mod

smok novo

dovpo topside

voopoo vfl

voopoo vfl pod

joyetech ultex

smoant naboo

Hellvape ReBirth RDA

Smok Mag Grip Kit Preview – The Vaping Drill?

Smok Mag Grip Kit Preview – The Vaping Drill?

The Mag Grip Kit By Smok Previewed The Smok Mag Grip kit is a new release and from a first glance it appears to be a Magand H-Priv 2 mash up! Focus On For More Vape Kits.    So the styling still retains the “Gun” looks – only […]

SMOK H-Priv Review

SMOK H-Priv Review

SMOK has come a long way in the vape game over the last few years. Bill reviews the SMOK H-Priv, one of their most advanced TC mods. SMOK H-Priv Intro SMOK has come a long way since the fiasco of fake temperature control on the SMOK […]

SMOK T-PRIV 220w Starter Kit Released With Quick Review !

SMOK T-PRIV 220w Starter Kit Released With Quick Review !


SMOK T-PRIV 220W TC Starter Kit

And this blog will give a SMOK T-PRIV 220w Starter Kit Review to help you better know abou this new SMOK Kit

  • Brand: DRAGON
  • eaucapacity: 5mL
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 (not included)
  • Output wattage: 6-220W
  • Thread : 510
  • Battery Size: 86.6*48.1*32mm
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F/100-315C
  • Resistance range: 0.1-3.0ohm(VW mode)/0.06-3.0ohm(TC mode)
  • Tank Size: 24.5*56mm
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Rainbow

SMOK T-PRIV Kit vs. SMOK Alien Kit

  1. SMOK Alien 220w Kit has launched for ages ,the T-PRIV Kit incoming.
  2. SMOK Alien Kit is portable and compactable.
  3. eJuice capacity : Alien kit was 3mL ,the T-PRIV 220W Kit was 5mL.
  4. SMOK T-PRIV 220W Kit with unique Hollow out design and Adjustable LED meets your various color demands.

Summary : If you wanna a portable and pocketable SMOK Kit,then buy SMOK Alien 220w TC Starter Kit will be your choice , this kit has launched for ages,tested by many users with many good reviews and currently,is one of bestselling 220w kit in the marketplace. But if you are looking for a cool and stylist smok kit with huge ejuice capacity,then you can wait for a moment and give New SMOK T-PRIV Kit a shot.

Focus On For More Vape Kits.   


These two kits shared so many commons,like came from same team, 220w max power output, TFV8 Big Baby Tank comes with and so on,the only different lies in following

  1. SMOK G-PRIV 220W Kit with 2.4″ Touch Screen.
  2. SMOK T-PRIV 220W Kit with unique Hollow out design and Adjustable LED meets your various color demands.
  3. G-PRIV Kit price is a little expensive,while the T-PRIV 220w is a little cheaper.

So,if you like a powerful smok kit with touch screen,then G-PRIV Kit will be your best choice,otherwise,you can wait for a moment and give SMOK T-PRIV Kit a shot,after all,the features are cool and this kit is the new device by SMOK,represented new technology supporting.

Thing you need to know about SMOK T-PRIV Kit

  1. With Cool Hollow out design.
  2. Adjustable LED meets your various color demands
  3. Big fire key
  4. prebuild V8 Baby-Q2 core and V8 Baby-T8 core
  5. the package including : 1 x T-Priv Mod ,1 x TFV8 Big Baby Tank ,1 x V8 Baby-Q2 0.4Ω Dual coils(Pre-installed),1 x V8 Baby-T8 0.15Ω Octuple coils,1 x Replacement Glass Tube,1 x USB Cable,1 x User Manual and Spare Parts.
  6. is a presale product and available in the marketplace yet.

SMOK T-PRIV 220w Starter Kit Thoughts & Opinions ?

IMO, T-PRIV Kit by SMOK is worthy to be waitted to buy,features are appealling and as the new product,it with new improved features and will give you a great vaping experience.

Focus On For More Latest Vape News.

Now It’s Available :Smok T-Priv 3 Kit with TFV12 Prince Tank

Hot Sale Recommendation:

Voopoo Panda

Hellvape Drop Dead RDA

Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA

Vaporessso Polar Kit

Voopoo Vmate TC 200W Box Mod

Voopoo Vmate 200W Kit With Uforce T1 Tank

Vaporesso Luxe Kit

Vaporesso Luxe Mod

smok novo

dovpo topside

voopoo vfl

voopoo vfl pod

joyetech ultex

vladdin under kit

smoant naboo

vaporise drizzle


Uwell Ironfist 200W Mod Kit Full Review

Uwell Ironfist 200W Mod Kit Full Review

“Never judge a book by its cover…” After all these years, my mother is still right. Because when I first saw the Uwell Ironfist 200W mod kit, I was… um … unimpressed. Sure, it was an attractive enough standard box mod. The specs seemed to […]

Flowermate Aura Review

Flowermate Aura Review

The Flowermate Aura is one of the smallest options available in the portable vaporizer markets featuring a dynamic tank switching capability that allows a user to vaporize herbs in the ceramic dry chamber and concentrates in the cotton-equipped wax tank. About the size of a […]

Vaporesso Target Mini Kit Review

Vaporesso Target Mini Kit Review

Vaporesso Target Mini Introduction

The Vaporesso Target Mini is styled in much the same way as the popular Vaporesso Target, with the same trigger style design in a smaller body.

The Vaporesso Target Mini is available as part of the Vaporesso Target Mini Kit, that also features the Vaporesso Guardian tank, which caters to mouth to lung and direct lung vapers. The tank comes with a 2ml capacity, top filling and a childproof locking mechanism.vaporesso target mini kit review

The Vaporesso Guardian also takes C-CELL coils, that have a ceramic element to them, meaning they last longer than traditional Japanese cotton wicked coil heads.

With a 1400 mAh in-built battery, the Vaporesso Target Mini also has a pretty impressive battery for its small size. There is also temperature control support built in, for Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel wires, as well as a custom TCR input.

Focus On For More Vape Devices

Kit Contents

The kit comes in very tidy ‘Apple Esque’ packaging and contains the following:

  • Vaporesso Target Mini mod
  • Vaporesso Guardian tank
  • CCELL-GD SS 0.5ohm ceramic coil (pre-installed with the Guardian tank)
  • CCELL-GD MTL 1.4ohm coil
  • Dedicated mouth to lung drip tip
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction Manualvaporesso target mini in the box

Key Features

Guardian Tank

  • Diameter: 22 x 55 mm
  • Weight: 60 g
  • Capacity: 2.0 ml
  • Supports mouth to lung and direct lung vaping
  • Childproof locking system
  • Top filling
  • Adjustable Airflow

Target Mini Mod

  • Diameter: 36.5 x 24.2 x 58.1 mm
  • Built in Lithium 1400mAh battery
  • Weight: 93 g
  • Temperature Range: 100℃-315℃/200F-600F
  • Wattage Output: 5-40W
  • Atomizer Resistance range: VW:0.15 Ohm – 5 Ohm / VT:0.1 Ohm -1.0 Ohm
  • Standby Current: ﹤30uA
  • Voltage range: 0-9V
  • Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel build
  • 510 Thread
  • 0.49” OLED Display

Design and Build Quality

The Vaporesso Target Mini is very much a mini version of the Vaporesso Target, and fans of the Vaporesso Target will notice the trigger shaped power button conveniently placed on the front of the mod.vaporesso target mini review

It has a 1400 mAh battery built into the unit, that is recharged via USB with the USB port located at the base of the unit. The cable is worth a mention, the design is the first of the type I have seen.

It’s similar to a chord you may find on an Iron albeit it a smaller scale. It’s a quality touch that shows the attention to detail the company have taken with the package as a whole.vaporesso target mini micro usb

At the top, you have a spring loaded 510 connector for a flush fit with your atomizers.vaporesso target mini 510 thread

There is a nice and clear OLED screen present, along with the plus and minus buttons and a dedicated mode button mini OLED screen

I’m a big fan of the inclusion of the mode button as this allows you to switch between the different modes on the fly, and there is temperature control support for Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel and custom TCR input as well.

Vaporesso Target Mini Sat On Top Of A Credit Card

vaporesso target mini size

Vaporesso Target Mini Side By Side With Innokin Cool Fire 4 TC100vaporess -target mini cool fire 4 tc100

Overall, it’s a tiny and compact little mod, that feels really nice in hand as well. It’s very pocket friendly, and doesn’t take up much room in your pocket at all.vaporesso target mini mod review

It’s a similar size to the Artery Nugget mod which I am a huge fan of. Although for my personally tastes the design and aesthetics of the Nugget win for mini size vs artery nugget

Guardian Tank Design and Build

The Vaporesso Guardian is a new 2ml capacity vape tank from Vaporesso that’s available for the first time with the Vaporesso Mini Kit, designed to be TPD compliantfeaturing a child proof locking system.vaporesso guardian tank review

You can unscrew the top cap to top fill, but you first need to unscrew the drip tip to unlock this, and lock it back up by replacing the drip tip.vaporesso guardian tank drip tip

You have adjustable airflow present on the tank, which has wide adjustable airflow for lung hitters, and two airflow hole options for MTL vapers.

You also have two drip tips included, one for lung hitters with a wide bore, and a narrower one for MTL.vaporesso guardian tank drip tips

Two coils are included in the kit, Vaporesso CCell coils that have a ceramic element to them, with the CCell GD SS 0.5ohm coil pre-installed, and this coil is for direct lung vaping. You also have the CCell GD 1.4ohm coil for mouth to lung vape tank

Vaporesso Target Mini Kit Performance

The good thing about the Vaporesso Target Mini kit is that right out of the box you have the option to direct lung hit or the option to mouth to lung vape with the coils and drip tips supplied.vaporesso guardian tank parts

Both coils provide very good flavour, really clean and crisp, with the 0.5ohm coil providing more vapour and a looser draw. The 1.4ohm coil produced less vapour and a tighter draw but more intense flavour from my e liquid.vaporesso target mini kit

I found the 0.5ohm coil to be optimum at 33w and the 1.4ohm coil to be perfect at 14.5w.

Juice consumption is pretty economical from both coils, even though you only have a 2ml capacity. The coils wick really well, with even max VG juices, but don’t seem to drink juice like it is going out of fashion! As many tank do nowadays.vaporesso guardian ceramic coil

Battery life is actually better than you would expect, even though there is a relatively small 1400mah battery capacity you will get a good few hours use from this, and it can be recharged on the move via USB.

What I Liked

I like the fact the Vaporesso Target Mini appeals to both direct lung inhalers and mouth to lung inhalers. Mouth to lung vapers tend to get forgotten about when it comes to new tanks, and it’s good to see an option for MTL here.

The C-Cell coils perform really well, and as they have a ceramic heating element they do tend to last quite a long time as well. You will definitely get more mileage from these than with a traditional cotton wicked coil head.

The Vaporesso Target Mini may be small but it’s not short on features. You have up to 40w here, plus temperature control support for the three most popular wires on the market.

If you know the specific TCR for a particular wire you want to use in temperature control, you can even input it into the Vaporesso Target Mini in order for it to be compatible.

There is a dedicated mode button allowing you to switch modes quickly and easily on the fly. This is a great little feature and means you don’t have to navigate your way through a confusing menu system operated with button presses.

The size of this thing is great, it takes up very little room in your pocket and it is ideal to carry around with you.

What I Didn’t Like

Obviously, the Vaporesso Target Mini only has a 1400 mAh battery capacity and this severely curtails battery life.

You will only get a couple of hours maximum from this when sub ohm vaping before it needs a recharge, meaning that if you take this mod out on its own you will be charging it regularly throughout the day.

The coil in the Vaporesso Guardian tank tends to flood when you fill it, meaning that the first few puffs can make you end up with juice in your mouth. This does tend to clear after one or two puffs on the tank however.

Now It’s Available :Vaporesso Tarot Mini 80W Kit

Hot Sale Recommendation:

Voopoo Panda

Hellvape Drop Dead RDA

Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA

Vaporessso Polar Kit

JustFog Minifit

Voopoo Vmate TC 200W Box Mod

Voopoo Vmate 200W Kit With Uforce T1 Tank

Vaporesso Luxe Kit

Vaporesso Luxe Mod

Tesla Terminator Kit

Vgod Pro Mech 2

Rincoe Ceto Kit

Smok I-Priv Kit

Triade DNA200 by Lost Vape Review

Triade DNA200 by Lost Vape Review

Today we are presented with yet another DNA200 device. But until now, none of the previous mods were ever as elegant and well-designed as this one, the Lost Vape Triade DNA200. The board from Evolv might be the same in each of these other DNA200 devices, but none of them can touch the Triade’s […]

Lost Vape Mirage DNA75C Preview – Just Beautiful!

Lost Vape Mirage DNA75C Preview – Just Beautiful!

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The Spider Kit By Kangertech Reviewed: Yup, Spiders Just Aren’t For Everyone

The Spider Kit By Kangertech Reviewed: Yup, Spiders Just Aren’t For Everyone

kangertech spider main

Introduction – The Spider Kit from Kangertech

The Kanger Spider kit is from a brand that many vapers will know, if you’ve been vaping for some time, as one of the earliest players in the industry…their Nebox, Dripbox and Kbox ranges are just some of the many offerings they’ve released since their inception, way back in 2007! Not forgetting of course one of the first to release a sub ohm tank to the masses, the Sub Tank.

Sure, they’ve been on the block for more years than most Shenzhen brands but to be honest, Kangertech seems to have faded from view for the last few years. Their K-Kiss kit was one of the first batch of items I ever received as a vape reviewer and I was pumped to receive a late but welcome package with Kangertech stamped on it for the first time since!

Now, anything with the name, ‘Spider’ on it gives me the eeb-jeebs, so when I received my Kanger Spider Kit, my first thought was, ‘s$%#, it must be good, it must be dangerous, must be something!”

Well, it is something, let me tell you…not all good, not all bad but, without a doubt, one of the WEIRDEST vape kits I have ever picked up: and not just because it triggers my arachnophobic shivers .

Focus On For More Best Vape mods.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Five 6 Mini Tank
  • 1 x Spider Mod
  • 2 x Tiger coils, 0.6 Ohm x 3 in parallel
  • 1 x Pyrex Glass
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manualkangertech spider contents

Features Mod

  • 510 Connect
  • Built in 4200mAh battery
  • 10 – 200W Output
  • Modes: Power/Ti/Ni/SS/DIY1/DIY2
  • Resistance range: 0/05 – 2.5 Ohm
  • Temp range 100-315 C
  • Unique adjustment dial
  • Comes in two-tone Black, Black and teal/green/red/ or bluekangertech spider five6 tank exploded view

Features Tank

  • 2/4 ml E-liquid Capacity (EU or Non-EU)
  • 26 x 44 mm
  • Adjustable bottom airflow
  • Uses Tiger Coil Head
  • Delrin Drip Tip
  • Features Wattage Adjuster Tabs For Tiger Coil Head

Build Quality & Design

Spider Mod

Well, on opening up the big, black, sleeve covered spider box, I was actively trying to dispel OCD mental images of nasty violin spiders, spindly legs and everything else that comes with being a chronic arachnophobe OCD freak…but once I’d gotten over myself, I found the Kanger Spider vape mod kinda sexy.kangertech spider screen

The mod itself (excluding the tank) is very ergonomically designed, from the top it looks like a almost-square with one side 3cm wide, the opposite side 4cm wide, the connecting sides both 3cm wide…the side that sits in your palm being the shorter side.

This off-square is extended into 3 dimensions by 78mm (I hope you’re following my attempts to describe it, been reviewing for a while but shape description is almost always a challenge).

The vertical edges are rounded, for a very comfortable hand feel.

The entire mod is full of diamond shapes, reminiscent of a spider web, perchance…2 diamonds wrap around the edges of the wider side (where the screen is) and are covered in carbon fibre.kangertech spider base

When facing the screen, the side on your left features a bif, upside down triangle shaped fire button, nice and clicky…with fine spotted texturing and a big power sign set in it.

The narrower pannel, opposite the screen side, is full of that spotted texturing for grip and has fairly discreet Kanger branding at the bottom and a micro usb port for charging at the top.

The screen is an upturned triangle on the front, with a smaller, right-side-up triangle that features horizontal light-bar battery level indicators, five of them, below it. These two screens are separated by a notched dial which replaces the traditional up and down adjustment buttons.kangertech spider fire

What a mouthful, am I done…no, er…there’s a deep and springy 510 connect set centrally atop the mod and 14 small ventilation holes on the base for that massive 4200mAh on board battery. Phew!kangertech spider 510

Kanger Five6 Mini Tank

Okay, first up, don’t be fooled by the name of this tank. This is not a MINI anything…it’s one of the biggest tanks in my collection, size wise. The thing is monstrous, with a whopping 18mm tall base, which I will explain in due course.

kangertech spider five6 tankInside the 4 ml tank I spot what must be the biggest coil head I’ve EVER seen, a tall, fat, silver cylinder.What the…? What’s going on, why is this coil head so big?

Above the tank, the topcap/mouth piece curves seamlessly into an 810 size driptip, all Delrin…so there’ll be no custom drip tip fitting here, sadly.

The topcap screws off to reveal a neat top fill system.

Let’s get back to that base, that crazy thick base.

Starting at the bottom, there is a ring with what looks like three separate air-flow adjustment switches (or push-buttons) as next to each switch there’s a little hole. These switches each expose or obscure an LED and every one that is exposed adds 60W to your vape (the wattage on the mod auto-changes from 60W to 120W to 180W) or, in other words, adds another of the three 0.6 ohm parallel coils in your Tiger head to the setup.

This is weird, bizarre, unheard of…I know. The tank actually has a chip inside it. Will it work? We’ll see.

How Does The Kanger Spider Kit Perform?

Let’s start with the mod…there’s a lot to be said about a 4200mAh on-board battery, for starters. In one way, it saves users the pain of fiddling with batteries, it’s a little more compact than your average dual 18650 mod but still has a damn good Output capacity as well.

The battery performance is what I’d expect from this size battery and not shabby at all, of course this isn’t hitting the max 200W on offer.kangertech spider front

I love the big triangular fire button and the texturing that makes it easy to find in the dark.

The screens show me all I need to know, resistance, wattage, voltage, mode and battery levels but the adjustment dial can be a little tricky.

I like it, the feel of turning it, the convenience of it when I’m making small wattage adjustments but when it comes to large adjustments it takes forever and a mf’ing day. Grrrr.

Testing the mod up against a number of my industry favourites with a similar output range, to check the power feel, the TC and the ramp time…I’m actually not disappointed, Ramp is not the best of the best but it’s good and the wattage and temperature levels feel true to their readings.

So, performance wise, the Kanger Spider mod is not bad, it’s just a question of whether we really NEED a 4200 mAh on board battery or whether we’d prefer the extended mod-lifespan on an 18650 run mod, not to mention the fact that we could switch batteries instead of waiting for a recharge!

Let’s talk about this tank though.

Tank and Stock Coil Performance

The Five 6 Mini tank and the Tiger coil are joined at the hip, no cross compatibility here, no option of using any other coil with this tank and that is why I’ve decided to put tank and coil performance in one section.kangertech spider five6 tiger coil heads


First up, I find the drip-tip/mouthpiece uncomfortable and I wish that I could fit a custom tip.

Second, I find that the power settings (60/120/180) use the expected amount of juice up, they chow the expected amount of battery…all that is as it should be, however I am just NOT getting the cloud production or flavour profile that I’d like to see at those levels, any of them! And that is with my mod’s flavour setting on HARD.

When set to 180W, the tank heats up to the point of being a burn hazard…it drinks e-liquid and eats battery life and yet cloud production is what you’d expect from 80W, not 180W.

What is the Tiger coil doing to my e-juice? What is the Tiger coil doing to my battery life? Two great unanswered mysteries of vape life…

Flavour is severely muted throughout the settings and I felt that I was wasting my high end juice on this tank, throughout the review period.

I did not, by the way, conduct this review while suffering vapers tongue…every other tank I was reviewing at the time, and every old tank I tested the Five 6 Mini against all confirmed my experience.

The coils also took a very long time to break in, performance at the onset was EVEN worse. I will shelve this tank and these coils, this tank will stay shelved and so will these coils. I’m sorry, Kanger!

How To Fill the Five6 Mini Tank

How To Change the Coil

  • Unscrew the pyrex from the base
  • Unscrew the Tiger head
  • Replace

How To Operate the Mod Menu System

  • 5 Clicks on or Off
  • 3 Clicks to access menu
  • Use wheel to scroll and power to select

Battery Life

  • Approximately 5 hours at full coil setting of 180W, vaping at short intervals.
  • 7 Hours on 120W.
  • 9 Hours on 60W.


  • Massive 4200 mAh on board battery
  • Ergonomic hand-feel and compact for the battery size
  • True wattage and TC performance
  • Nice, big fire button
  • The concept of 3 coils options in one head


  • Low Flavour and Cloud performance from the Tiger coil and Five 6 Mini tank
  • Adjustment dial can be a drag to use
  • Tank becomes extremely hot at higher wattages
  • Execution of some innovative concepts lacking

Now It’s Available :Kanger Spider 200W Kit with Five 6 Mini Tank

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