Creed RTA – geek-shaped atomizer from GeekVape


But let’s consider our hero – Creed PTA in more detail. The atom has a top dressing, replaceable skirts for blowing and the ability to increase the volume from 4.5 ml to 6.5 ml.


A rich set that includes an atomizer with pre-installed Bubble-Glass, regular 4.5 ml glass (straight), white matte drip-type, 510 drip-type with o-rings, 2 interchangeable skirts holes, a package with o-rings, a “T” type screwdriver, spare screws.


Information for information

Creed RTA is made of stainless steel and is available in 6 colors: SS, Gunmetal, Gold, Rainbow, Blue, Black; by changing skirts.



Height with drip-type: 50 mm 
Diameter with Bubble-Glass: 30 mm 
Diameter at fit: 25 mm


This is a large tank in height. Its height is equal to the height of a matchbox. From here and the code name – garnet-like tank.

The era of TFV12 is not over. Among the bathers, there are those who love big devices, so the hero of the review will suit them.


On the top cover 810 drip-type from heat-resistant Ultem is planted. Drip-tip without o-rings, of good quality, there are roundings so that condensate does not collect at the top.

You can also put a white matte drip-type, which also has an 810 landing, but it is thin and does not respectfully look on such a huge tank.


You can easily put your 810 up.

The top cover has a rum-like knurling for a convenient coupling when unscrewing. The lid is quite thin, so while dry o-rings, it twists with some effort.


Under the lid two openings for refueling zhizkoy.

Next, counterclockwise, you can twist the top cover, which is connected to the dome.

On the dome, in the inner part, there is a small cut for better transfer of taste.

The name RTA is also available on the dome.


On the basis of pre-installed skirt with holes in the form of an oval. Such a skirt, according to the manufacturer, allows blowing spirals directionally, i.e. the air will be through the holes directly to the spiral.


There are also 2 more skirts, one of which is with round holes, and the other with deaf ones.


On the basis of conventional racks with a counter installation of the spiral. Screws clamp legs spirals from above. Below 4 pipes for blowing. There are also pockets where cotton will be tucked.

On the side of the ring, which overlaps or opens the airflow. There is a stopper in maximum positions.

At the very bottom there is a well-protruding pin, which will allow this tank to be used in conjunction with a mechanical mod.

Installing the spiral and laying fleece

Counter installation of the coils should not be difficult to install.

It is important to initially measure the desired length of the spiral, first measure the legs on one, put in a rack and if everything is ok, then measure to the second the desired length.


After the length of the legs is measured, we tighten the screws and subsequently displace the fuses towards each other. This is done in order to avoid a short circuit across the dome. Shift the fyuza as much as possible to each other. The diameter of the winding should not exceed 3 mm.


Next, we burn our spirals so that the warm-up is evenly distributed from the center to the edges.

After burning, it’s time to measure the batting around the ring on the base. Vata can be cut under a kerchief so that it is not too much. In the grooves the tips of the tip are simply refilled, not rammed.


It is worth prokapat fleece, apply voltage, so that the liquid went inside the cotton wool and soaked it well.

We collect the tank, refuel it and it’s time to talk about Creed RTA.

Overall impression

As you already guessed, the tank trick is different skirts that change the airflow, so let’s talk about the taste on these skirts.

The oval holes taste great.

At 16 holes, the puff became looser on the fully open blower, but the taste didn’t change much.


On the skirt without holes, the most taste.

Cons and pros


– it is not very convenient to twist the top cover;


-quality performance of the atomizer, done without a hitch,

– the ability to increase the volume from 4.5 ml to 6.5 ml,

– interesting idea of ​​skirts, thanks to which the airflow changes,

-the ability to unscrew the upper part of the atom and change the spiral or fix the cotton fleece without draining the liquid

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