Smok MAG Kit 225W – Overview

Announcements just do not keep up with brave guys from the company SMOK! As with a machine gun, the Chinese are riveting devices! But this is not just another transfigured atomizer, the production of which has become serial (although it has also been inherited here), but something more interesting – the whole kit – the  SMOK MAG Kit ! And what a kit!
Recently, the anatomical form of the device, emphasizing the bends of the palm – is not news for our editorial staff, and I am a supporter of this concept, because a) it is unusual and b) it is convenient.

Let’s consider together the fresh product SMOK Mag Kit and try to lay down a preliminary impression about its prospects in the market space.

The device is presented in 9 bright colors, and if in this case the company does not cunning, and the palette will correspond to the real perception, then I’m impressed!

Regarding the general characteristics, the device turned out rather big, the height goes beyond the average 75-86 mm, and the width at the top – also makes itself felt.

On the atomizer, the same questions do not arise, the TFV series is, in principle, rather big, in addition, it is a representative of the 12 series. In this case, it is presented in two versions – 2 and 4 ml (all of the fennish TPD).

On the front of the device is a color display and an unusual rocker with buttons “+” and “-“. But that’s not all! See the incomprehensible button next to “Fire”?

So, if you have not noticed yet, the form of the boxer SMOK MAG is nothing more than a pistol grip, and that button – activates the release of the “clip” of the battery compartment. That’s great, is not it?


The button “Fire” is also somewhat uncommon and is executed in the form of hammers of children’s pistols. Remember the famous pistol Dendy, for which we spent more than a dozen hours trying to shoot a damn grinning dog, which in case of a miss emerged from the bushes, gloating our squint and shot down the sights


Along the perimeter of the device there are several chains with holes for the gas outlet, which is very good, because the hermetic system with such a compartment for feeding elements is not a very competent move, the Chinese understand this.

The device supports 3 modes of hovering, maximally produces 234 watts and has a very informative display, with beautifully positioned indicators and a color-changing interface.

Of course, there are all the necessary protections, wherever without them: here and protection against short circuit, and control of the puffs, control overheating, balance, cut-off in 12 seconds and control the correct installation of the atomizer.





And now, a few words about the atomizer, which we announced just recently.

SMOK TFV12 Prince works on 4 types of interchangeable evaporators with different combinations of coils and one RBA-base.

There is the possibility of changing drip-types, which are called, due to their coloring – Cobra.

Like older siblings, there is a top dressing, however, corrected for the fact that the SMOK TFV12 Prince has a patented button responsible for blocking the top cap.

Two versions of the SMOK MAG Kit – standard and European, differing in the capacity of the atomizer are presented for choice of vapers.


Now It’s Available Here:Smok Mag 225W Box Mod

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