All the people I know who vapes own a pod style vaporizer which is not very surprising since these all-in-one vaporizers are very compact and easy to carry which makes them the best grab and go vaporizer.

Since almost all pod style vaporizers are similar in their features and style, any little bit of originality could come a long way and that is what Joyetech did with their new pod-style vaporizer, the Joyetech Teros.

Product Pros

  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Automatic draw activated firing mechanism
  • 480 mah battery capacity
  • Refillable pod system
  • Thermochromic and photochromic finishes

Product Cons

  • The battery is not replaceable/removable
  • Small e liquid capacity


Joyetech Teros Review: Breakdown

Joyetech Teros available colors

Build Quality

I am pretty impressed with the build quality of the Joyetech Teros. It is made of metal which makes it feel a little bit more premium when you hold it in your hand, unlike most pod style vaporizers that are made of plastic. The Joyetech Teros is available in 6 different color options and you can get it in silver, black, white, yellow, orange and purple.

What makes it unique is that the white and yellow are photochromic finishes and the orange and purple are thermochromic finishes. A photochromic finish means that the color will change when under the sunlight so the yellow variant will become an orange hue when you are outside on a sunny day.

The thermochromic finish, on the other hand, will change its color when there is a change in temperature so the white variant will become a pink color when there is a sudden change in temperature. This is a pretty cool feature as you will not only get a single colored device but technically, 2 colors depending on the situation.

Aside from the finish, the Joyetech Teros is everything you can expect from a pod-style vaporizer. It has a built-in battery with a capacity of 480 mah, which is fairly big for a compact and low powered device. There are no unnecessary buttons and screen display on the Joyetech Teros, it only has a LED indicator for the battery life and a micro USB port for charging.

Since it doesn’t have a fire button, the Joyetech Teros features an automatic draw activated firing mechanism which works just like smoking a normal cigarette. The Joyetech Teros features the Joyetech ECO technology which makes the battery life longer and almost doubles it by controlling the device output to a very low voltage while keeping it constant and stable.

This feature makes the device as if you are using a bigger mod which is pretty good as you don’t have to charge the device every now and then, and this feature lets the Joyetech Teros last a whole day of constant usage. The kit comes with 2 refillable pods which are nice and they both have an e liquid capacity of 2 ml.

I understand Joyetech’s decision to make it TPD compliant but I wish they made a bigger capacity option for those who want it.


Vapor Quality

The Joyetech Teros is only capable of outputting a low but constant 1.85 volts of power. A constant output is very important on low powered devices like the Teros since it makes sure that the flavor and vapor you are getting with every puff doesn’t deteriorate as the battery life goes down.

As a pod style vaporizer, it is always suggested to use nic salt based e liquids since low powered or high resistance devices are highly optimized for it. The Joyetech Teros is mainly a mouth to lung vaping device, which is perfect for the newbies as it greatly replicates the feeling of smoking a normal cigarette, making them transition to the world of vaping easier, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have an option for a direct lung vaping style which some vapers like.

Joyetech Teros tank detached


There are not a lot of options when it comes to pod style vaporizers and the Joyetech Teros is no exception. It is a very simple device made to be used by the beginners who want to quit smoking and switch to vaping.

It doesn’t have adjustment buttons for power and no way to adjust the airflow, which is how a pod-style vaporizer normally is.



The Joyetech Teros is easily one of the most compact and portable devices on the market as all the other pod style vaporizers. It is only 90 mm in height, 29 mm in width and 12 mm in thickness.

It is a perfect little device when you are out and about doing some errands or even traveling as you don’t need to bring an extra set of batteries and a bulky battery charger.

Joyetech Teros side view


In my opinion, the Joyetech Teros is a good addition to the pod style vaporizer market. Even though its features are similar and it feels like we have seen it all, the quality this device brings is outstanding. Joyetech made the right decision to build it with metal instead of plastic as it makes the device more premium when holding and using it and the cool thermochromic and photochromic finishes are a nice touch too. The vapor and flavor quality this device can produce is excellent for a pod style device even though it is only a mouth to lung style vaping device which means the constant voltage output really helps with the overall quality.

Now It’s Available :

Joyetech Teros Pod Starter Kit

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